Dry Cut from £12.50
Wet Cut £17.50
Cut & Blow Dry £25.00
Wet Cut Re-style £21.50
Blowdry/Shampoo & Set £12.00
Conditioning Treatment £5.00
Fringe Trim £2.00
Clipper Cut all over £6.00
Straightening from £6.00
(in addition to any service)
Curling from £10.00
(in addition to any service)
Full Head Colour From £60.00
Regrowth From £55.00
Highlights & Full Head Colour From £80.00
Full Head of Foils From £72.50
Half Head of Foils From £65.00
T-Section Foils From £60.00
Cap Highlights From £45.00
Balayage/Ombre Price on Consultation
Full Head Perms From £45.00
Top Perms From £42.50
Spiral Perms From £80.00
All the above include a Cut & Blow dry


We are now using the miracle hair product Olaplex. It’s a new treatment that fixes the bonds that have been previously broken by colour/heat/day to day styling so the hair is stronger, healthier and back to its natural state! You can have it as a stand alone treatment or it can be mixed into your colour so it fixes these bonds as the colour is developing! You then have a second stage applied at the basin to lock in the first and after washing the difference is amazing. Helps colours to last so much longer too!

For more details please get in touch, or ask in salon. We have posted some before and after photos on our Facebook page.

Stand Alone Treatment £15.00
With Blow Dry & Finish £20.00
With Colour Service Add £12.50

Children – 11 & Under

Dry Cut £10.00
Wet Cut £15.00
Cut & Blow Dry / Set £21.50
Wet Cut Re-style £18.00
Re-style £26.50
5 & Under £7.50